Friday, August 27, 2010


Here we have the second album from the Italian Heavy Metal band known as "Fratello Metallo" or "Metal Brother". The lead singer is a (Catholic) Capuchin Monk, Cesare Bonizzi. No joke. Enjoy.

Following description isn't perfect, translated to English from Italian.

"not hysterical in the sense of not knowing, but in relation to known, experienced, livable, if not fully plumbed.Mysteries ... metal ", as he says, because it actually explained where possible, by the hand, and not deferred to a vanishing dark mysteriousness as music, but made a strong, practical, truthful dose of" metal ", seasoned with a pinch of harmonious , melodic ROCK. Rock and Metal fused together to make the explanation, both in meaning and value, and musically, of mystery as the metal itself, but also sex and faith, man and God, life ... what a mystery! But also the mysteries ... BACCHUS, tobacco, and ... MARIA (Mother of Jesus!), Not excluding even to address that particular mystery is love, but dealt with, of course, key metrock."

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