Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Big Book of Martyrs

The Big Book of Martyrs:
Amazing but True Tales of Faith in the Face of Certain Death!

192 pages | Publisher: DC Comics (October 1, 1997) | Language: English | ISBN: 1563893606 | Factoid Books | Format: CDR | 100 MB

Note: This release is in CBR (Comic Book Reader) Format. You will need a compatible reader. I've actually been looking for this (odd) release for some time. Glad I could finally share it.

While the rest Big book series handles subjects with more than normal dose of irreverance, this book shifts gears and handles the subject with all reverance due to the subject, while maintaining the seperation of legend and fact. The artwork is also respectful of the subject, and in all cases fitting. Noteworthy entries are the first Martyrs of Rome, with Gahan Wilson's appropriately grotesque images of Nero's atrocities, and Trina Roberts' good girl artwork for St. Agnes, the ultimate good girl. Illustrated in the form of comic strips, The stories of many Christian martyrs such as Joan of Arc and St. Paul are told in a respectful, interesting manner. Using dialogue and excellent pencil drawings, the lives of these martyrs comes to life.But this book, while being respectful of the title of saint, does not cower from pointing out these occassional pieces of hypocrisy. Also included in this book is a chapter dealing with saints who were purely fictional (and are even recognized as such by the Catholic church) including the still popular St. Christopher (of the medallion fame), but I'd be surpised at anyone taking this as an attack on their faith. Since this book is about the history of saints and the process (and politics) of cannonization, it is factual regardless of one's personal faith or lack thereof, but I am sure it appeals to Christians the most. But the interesting stories and artwork are worthwhile for anyone to experience.

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