This is a brief document explaining common questions people may have about Catholic Downloads.

1. What's a torrent?

A .torrent is a file that points to multiple users hosting a file. Pieces are grabbed from sources within that file and the file gradually downloads in pieces. You will need a torrent client to download torrents listed here.

Suggested Clients (torrent downloaders):

uTorrent (Windows)

Transmission (Linux/Unix/OSX)

If you're still confused, check out this page for a tutorial.

2. Are there any legal issues downloading files from here?

Not if you use the information in the way it is intended to be used. All content referred to on this website is done so under section 107 of the United States Fair use Act (Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. § 107)--for educational purposes only. For more information regarding that, click here.

3. It's not downloading!

First note that torrent download speeds rely specifically on how many people are "seeding" that particular release. I will try to maintain working (seeded) links for all posts here, though it may not always be possible. Users of this website are free to post mirrors (other links to other .torrent files or other places) to releases here should links be broken.

4. My Comments aren't showing up!

Comments on the site are moderated and will appear when approved. This will insure a pleasant experience while visiting Catholic Downloads. Thanks for your patience.

5. My question hasn't been answered here. Can you help me?

Unfortunately, no. This is but one of the projects I maintain, and while I would love to help each and every person with their problem, time simply doesn't allow it. I have a family and other projects that need my attention. I thank you for your understanding. Try leaving a question in the comments and if I have time I, or other users may respond.